• 1. What is Spiritrade?

    We are an online drinks trading platform for professionals who trade spirits, beers, champagnes and non alcoholic drinks. We act as a middleman between buyer and seller and facilitate trades.

  • 2. What Products are traded?

    Spirits, beers, champagnes and non alcoholic drinks.

  • 3. Who can become a member on Spiritrade?

    This platform is accessible to all members who are approved by the Spiritrade committee. All necessary documentation will need to be provided before a member is approved.

  • 4. What documentation is required in order to become a member?

    In order to become a member, the following documents are required; proof of identity (copy of driver’s license or passport), utility bill, AWRS certificate and WOWGR license (for UK members only - where applicable) and VAT certificate.

  • 5.Where is stock traded from?

    Our warehouse partner is Top Logistics B.V. in Holland, where stock is received and verified.

  • 6. Do I need to be an account holder at Top Logistics B.V. to use this platform?

    Yes. However, if you do not have an account at Top Logistics B.V., our team is able to assist you in opening an account easily and swiftly. Please email our team at info@spiritrade.com for assistance.

  • 7. If I buy stock through the platform, where do I send the funds?

    All funds are held in a trusted escrow facility. This is in order to offer our members maximum protection and security.

  • 8. If I sell stock through the platform, how long do I have to send the stock?

    Once a trade is agreed between buyer and seller, the buyer has up to 7 days to make payment. Once payment is received, the seller will have up to 14 days to send stock to the warehouse.

  • 9. What fees are involved as member?

    To become a member there is an annual membership fee per user. Spiritrade charges both buyer and seller a 2% (plus VAT) commission fee on all trades.

  • 10. Will users be able to identify one another?

    The Spiritrade platform is strictly anonymous and no user will be able to identify another user at any given time. We aim to keep this platform extremely private and discreet for all users.

  • 11. Can users engage in communication?

    The only form of communication between users will be through a dedicated negotiation area. Users will have 3 attempts to negotiate a deal. All other questions or communications will be through our dedicated help desk.

  • 12. Are the offers validated before they appear on the exchange?

    All offers must be approved by the Spiritrade team before they go live on the exchange. This is done to maintain the quality of the content throughout the platform. All stock must comply with our strict terms and conditions.

  • 13. How long are offers valid for?

    All members who create an offer will be able to choose how long an offer is valid for, anything from 3 days to 4 weeks.

  • 14. Does Spiritrade charge to list a new item?

    All listings are free and a user can list as many items as they like.

Please contact info@spiritrade.com if you have any further questions.