About us

Spiritrade is an online trading platform for professionals in the spirits and drinks industry. Our technology allows for seamless and efficient trading for wholesale professionals. Spiritrade’s technology facilitates trades in a protected environment, allowing for safer trades and increased revenue opportunities for our members.

Spiritrade is an online community of industry professionals.

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All of our members are verified before they are allowed to trade. This verification process assures our members a greater level of quality control and safer trading.

Once verified, members are able to buy and sell stock on the platform. Spiritrade’s smart technology allows for a user friendly trading experience, increased revenue opportunities with global exposure and greater transparency.

Members are able to upload offers, which is an easy process of uploading stock onto an online exchange. All trades are live and are conducted in a dedicated negotiation area.

Spiritrade’s technology enables an efficient and automated trading process.

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    Upload Your Offers

    An easy process to upload stock on to a global exchange, accessible to a large pool of buyers and sellers around the world.

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    Live Trades

    A dedicated negotiation area, allowing for a user friendly and efficient trading process. All trades are automated and anonymous.

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    Safe Transfers

    Once a sale has been agreed, our term verifies stock and a safe transfer of funds is processed.

Once a sale has been agreed, the buyer sends funds to a trusted escrow account. Next, the seller sends stock to a designated warehouse, where it is checked and verified. Once approved, a safe transfer of funds and goods is facilitated by the warehouse. Holding all funds in escrow and verification of stock, further ensures safer trading for our members.

Spiritrade has been created by industry experts, with over 15 years’ experience, to cater for drink’s traders needs. Spiritrade has successfully been developed to create a new way of trading spirits and drinks in a very antiquated industry.